Good evening, fit fam!
I’d like to first introduce myself to any of the new members who recently joined this awesome community. As my avatar already announces, my name is Anthony, and I have the privilege of being part of the outstanding coaching staff here at Volt City CF. I typically coach on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.
I wish I had the pleasure of coaching every one of you throughout the day, because I would love to be a part of your fitness journey. Sadly though, I can’t. The reason for this post is to emphasize one word – “Intensity.”
Check out this article from the Crossfit Journal:
It’s a fairly quick bed time read, but let me paraphrase it for you. In order to get results in your workouts here at Volt City CF, you need to workout with “Intensity.” Crossfit defines “Intensity” as “doing more work faster.”
True or false:
1. You joined Volt City CF to be healthier.
2. You joined Volt City because you want to look good naked.
3. You joined Volt City because you want to be able play with your kids.
4. You joined Volt City because you want to perform simple tasks in life without injury.
Anyone who has been alive for the past 5-10 years knows that a six-pack is made in the kitchen. So, nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness. Without proper fuel, your body can’t perform. What you put in your body is important to how your body puts out. Us coaches can’t exactly help you stay on track with your diet. We can’t go home with you, cook your meals, and measure out all your macros for you. But what we can help control is your “intensity” in the gym.
Let me backtrack a little, and tell you why I’m inspired to write this post (I can only speak for the Wednesday evening classes, but I’m sure this is going on throughout the day). I have been seeing a trend of athletes who put themselves at risk for injury because they want to do a workout RX, even though they perform a movement poorly. This issue has gotten better, but I’m still working on fixing this. What tends to happen is I’ll see these athletes who are spending more time resting, than working. This is NOT “Intensity.” What they are also doing is teaching their minds and bodies to rest whenever they are tired. Remember Crossfit’s definition of “Intensity”. “Doing more work faster.” These athletes are “doing MORE work in MORE time.” If you are spending more than 30-60 secs with your hands on your knees, huffing and puffing any time during your workout, you’re not producing “intensity.” Bottom line: minimize your rest, and keep moving. And that means picking a load, or a scaling a movement that allows you to keep moving throughout the WOD.
Listen, injuries cannot be completely avoided in any physical activity. There’s potential for you to twist an ankle just walking around in your neighborhood. But an even greater recipe for injury is performing bad movements repetitively over and over again. And it’s amplified when you put a loaded barbell in your hands. I don’t want to step on anyone’s ego – I want to stomp on it! Get over your ego. No one cares that you performed a workout RX’d or scaled. If you get hurt, you ain’t performing nothin’. If you continually get hurt, there’s probably a reason for it. And I hope that our coaches are identifying these problems, and fixing them.
Thanks for sticking around. I hope this puts a new perspective on how you attack your future workouts. If you want results, remember to work with “intensity.” This is the secret to looking good naked. This is the secret to being able to get down on the floor and play with your children. This is the secret to picking up groceries and carrying it without injury. Whatever your goals are for doing Crossfit, INTENSITY is the secret.
-Coach Anthony Vu