At Volt City CrossFit in Houston we believe in building a great community to support each other in achieving your fitness results. We will tailor each exercise and scale the intensity and weights according to your fitness level, so any beginner is welcome to get started!

Our classes consist of one hour, are instructor led, and include a variety of exercises that change on a daily basis. We use training methodologies derived from weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running, and power lifting. It is up to you how heavy you want to go and how hard you want to push yourself, the main thing is that you enjoy our process and the results will come automatically!

We will track your fitness process and show you the results along the way. We can also help you with your nutrition by designing a custom plan tailored to your body and your desired results.

Get fit and healthy by working out with a great group of people and make friends along the way!


Cindy Peters
Cindy PetersCoach
Crossfit Level I Trainer/Pn Level I
Dirk Peters
Dirk PetersCoach
Crossfit Level II Trainer
Jason Desantis
Jason DesantisCoach
Crossfit Level I Trainer/USAW weight lifting
Andy Schofield
Andy SchofieldCoach
Crossfit Level II Trainer/ Crossfit Kids/Crossfit Gymnastics
Tayeb Diouri
Tayeb DiouriCoach
Crossfit Level II Trainer
Ryan Crowe
Ryan CroweCoach
Crossfit Level I Trainer/Mobility
Anthony Vu
Anthony VuCoach
Crossfit Level I Trainer/PTA
Patrick Vu
Patrick VuCoach
Crossfit Level I Trainer
Eli Bowe
Eli BoweCoach
Crossfit Level I Trainer

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Small classes with lots of one-on-one coaching open for all ages and fitness levels